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Welcome To my Magical Oasis~

Mau's Oasis **WIP** by MahoHaku

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My profile is going to be under construction for awhile. I am working on not only the art, but the content and layout.


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MahoHaku -The currently unemployed anti-spider art graduate living off of pennies. I am a very easy going artist and don't mind company. If you'd like to chat, ask questions feel free to send me a note or comment on my profile.

Yanguchitzure -The awesome cutesy artist. Currently she's in art school and is working on her skills. I envy her cute style and collab with her a lot on our stories and characters. She's the ginger to my wasabi when it comes to story making.

Voice-Of-An-Angel -She's an awesome writer and sister of Yanguchitzure.


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It is true that I have emergency commissions up. Until I have any form of income I'll need you *Points at all your lovely faces* to help me. Any donations and commissions help. I will probably be hosting super cheep commissions soon to try and get some stuff done for my loan payments and car payments. MahoHaku cannot eat if she cannot go get the food or has no place to house the food if not eaten. No one wants a dead Mau I hope ^^; *I hope*

Other Sites~ Links

I am most active on my tumblr and youtube. Though youtube not as much lately. I might do some voice syncing soon with my characters and do animated shorts again but if you want to see other stuff tumblr is the way to go. I usually just post fandom stuff, my work, cute things and other cool art.



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Cirque du Clandestinite

WEB COMIC HAITUS (Change soon?)

I am going to try to bring back the carnival. So some incentive before Siff murders me.


Emergency 1$ icons - any bit helps

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 9, 2014, 11:31 PM

TW: Blood

Hey everyone I'd like to inform you that my life is chaotic to say the least. 4 weeks ago I had a needlepoint red spot on my chest and thought nothing of it. One night I rubbed my collar because my shirt was irritating it and before I knew it I found a pool of warmth on my chest, and I was confused. It turned out to be blood. The little spot was bleeding like crazy. It took 2 days to stop the profuse bleeding and the dot became 1/8th of an inch in diameter. It stayed that way for a week or so then bled again out of the blue. I'm sure my shirt rubbed against it somehow. It took 3 days to stop the bleeding. Went through half a box of band-aids. It then became about 1/4 of an inch in diameter. For one week it stayed that way. But in the last week it grew to over half an inch in diameter. I knew then it wouldn't go away on it's own. I've been to 1 ER, 1 Urgent care, with no avail. I was told that I need to be seen by a primary care doctor then referred to a dermatologist as both the ER and Urgent care were both under-qualified and not knowledgeable enough to deal with it without making it worse. Despite the occasional unpredictable excessive bleeding and real emergency it is giving me I was turned away, or told to use the internet. I have no primary yet in Colorado and have called at least two dozen clinics all of which didn't accept medicaid *Which is what I have* or the doctors that do I cannot see for at least another 4-6 months. I didn't want to worry when I'd bleed next, for four months or have this tumor grow any bigger and more threatening. I was told that it would take an additional 6 months to a year to see a dermatologist after seeing a primary to be referred, so if I get infected, get issues from blood loss or if this is some kind of cancer it could be become a much bigger problem. I have finally decided after spending countless hours online, calling almost 4 dozen clinics state wide (Including dermatology clinics), and calling medicaid's nurse help hotline 4 times... I will go back to South Dakota for one week. I need money for gas to get there and back, and money for food for this week long trip to see my old primary. So that is why I am holding these quick pixels. All of it will go for a week of food and gas to make sure I don't have cancer or start bleeding out again. 

Update 1

I've made enough so far to make the trip there and hope to get more commissions or make adopts after I finish the list to pay for the trip back to Co when it's all said and done. I will keep everyone posted on this journal. If it was minor I'll post rejoicing. I have a ford focus, and the trip is 800 miles round trip, 5-7 days. I have enough gas money to get me 400 miles there now and enough to get a few days of food. Thank you all so much :iconsupertighthugplz:



I want to make as many commissions as I can this week (Will take more time on them to make them pretty so I will only take 50 slots for now). They will be super cheep and super fast so here's what I'll do.
Just send me a note with commissions (If you want more than one put it all in one note and one payment). I will give you my paypal email when I accept the commission, and will get started as soon as the payment is sent. If I get enough I might stream while I work to keep me on a roll.

Pixel icons like so


Patamon *Free Icon* by MahoHaku Mau icon *Not for free use* by MahoHaku Chark Icon Commission by MahoHaku Motiva icon *commission* by MahoHaku Sikke Icon *Commission* by MahoHaku MistyPup Icon *Commission* by MahoHaku Cici Icon *commission* by MahoHaku Tropical Mint Icon **Commission** by MahoHaku Reo Icon **Commission** by MahoHaku Isle Icon **Gift** by MahoHaku

I will try to do like, 50 of these in the next week. You can have as many slots as you want. First come first serve until the slots are filled up.

I hope you won't mind but I'll put the references you guys give me to the side so I don't lose them ^^;

Design by andokadesbois
Edited by MahoHaku
  • Mood: Relief

Lovely Pixels Block

My favorite Icon's I've made for Others

Griffsnuff Icon **Griffsnuff Contest** by MahoHakuRock Icon **Griffsnuff Contest** by MahoHakuSmokkfiskur Icon **Griffsnuff Contest** by MahoHakuFlash Icon **Griffsnuff Contest** by MahoHakuCabbage Icon **Griffsnuff Contest** by MahoHakuFog Icon **Griffsnuff Contest** by MahoHakuMurk Icon **Griffsnuff contest** by MahoHakuWithered Away Icon **Commission** by MahoHakuTamishi Dragon Icon *Commission* by MahoHakuTimberWolf Commission by MahoHakuRemyRamz icon Commission by MahoHakuJormungand Icon *Commission* by MahoHaku

My Characters Icons
Mau Sucliffe
Mau icon *Not for free use* by MahoHakuMau Sucliffe Icon by MahoHaku
Kindle Icon by MahoHaku

To do list

to do list
Not Started :star-empty:
Started :star-half:
Complete :star:

:star-half: Commission 1 for sapphire-spider *Full illustration*
:star-half: Commission 2 for sapphire-spider *Sketch*



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Alright, take your time! Thanks again for trading with me :'D
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